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My name is Jayden, and I have big dreams of becoming a successful photographer & videographer. I'm really passionate about capturing beautiful moments and telling stories through my camera. It's something that truly excites me, and I'm always working hard to get better at it.

When I'm not taking photos, I love hitting the gym and working out. It helps me think more creatively. I'm also a big fan of racing. I used to be a professional sim racer. I enjoy spending most of my time outside, that's where the real creative thinking happens. being outside in nature refreshes me and gives me more creative ideas and inspiration. 

I have a lot of experience holding a camera, and also being in front of one. Ever since my mom and dad put me on this earth I was captured on camera. I always loved it. I always try to create visuals that make you feel warm and remembered as if you experience the moment as it was. 

 That's why I love taking photos on film, either real or simulated, it creates the exact feel that I always want. 

I have many other passions but for now, I want to focus on my photography and videography. So feel free to contact me!

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